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Chapter 09_Earth_Friendly_Babies

Chapter 09_Earth_Friendly_Babies - Earth Friendly Babies...

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Earth Friendly Babies Chapter 9 You are a systems analyst contracted by Earth Friendly Babies, a mail-order company that sells earth friendly baby products. You and your consulting firm have recently completed development of a new system for managing orders and inventory for Earth Friendly Babies. System architecture already has been decided, and you are ready to embark upon installation, evaluation, and training for the new system. Earth Friendly Babies has grown from an at-home business set up by a stay-at-home mom to a small mail-order company that sends out catalogs to 10 states, employs 5 people in addition to the business owner, and has office and warehouse space in an office park designed to encourage small businesses. The business has relied upon manual data collection methods for taking orders, billing, and managing inventory. The new IS will provide the support necessary for the company to expand to all 50 states with their mail-order campaign. None of the employees has worked with an IS system similar to the one designed. All employees need to be trained in all aspects of the
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