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Willowbrook School Willowbrook School is a small private school that has retained you to assist in the development of a new information system for the school’s administrative needs. Background After an initial conversation between yourself and the school staff, the staff has decided that pursuing the possibility of an information system is a good idea. Susan Brown, the vice principle, in particular is feeling the strain of the increased workload associated with the rapid growth in the student population. The system that she has been using, of spreadsheets and word processing documents worked well when enrollments were smaller, but now the amount of time spent copying information from one place to another is daunting, and the possibility of errors is increasing. Volunteers can help out in the office, but due to the nature of volunteerism, the staff agree that reliance on volunteers must be for non-critical tasks, and that an information system is necessary to cope with
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Unformatted text preview: the growing administrative workload. Based on your initial conversation, staff members are initially interested in a system that could track tuition and after-care billing and payments. . While there are other administrative tasks that could easily be added, right now these are what they believe to be the priorities. Assignments 1. Draft a mission statement for Willowbrook School, based on information provided in the first two chapters. 2. Does a strong business case exist in the case of Willowbrook School? Why or why not? 3. Do you think this is a feasible project? Justify your answer, and address each type of feasibility, noting any unusual challenges that Willowbrook School might present when evaluating feasibility. 4. What information will you need to begin the preliminary investigation? Which techniques will you use to gather this information?...
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