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Chapter 02_Willowbrook_Solution - Willowbrook School 1....

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Willowbrook School 1. Draft a mission statement for Willowbrook School, based on information provided in the first two chapters. Answers will vary. The students should identify the basic components of the mission statement; purpose, products, services and values. Students will need to think creatively about products and services in the context of a non-profit educational institution. Identification of stakeholders may be challenging in this scenario as well. Students should identify at least students, parents, school staff and community members. 2. Does a strong business case exist in the case of Willowbrook School? Why or why not? Answers may vary here. This case is unusual in that it is difficult to evaluate economic issues given that fundraising will be used to finance most expenses. This may provide students with some interesting debates within and between groups, if a group approach is used to the case study. Students should identify that the proposed system would address workload issues that can’t be addressed
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Chapter 02_Willowbrook_Solution - Willowbrook School 1....

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