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Willowbrook School Assignments 1. List the system requirements for the new fee billing system. Give at least one example of how to achieve more effective outputs, inputs, processes, performance, and controls. Answers will vary, and students should be encouraged to use imagination. Typical examples might include the following: Outputs: The system must provide monthly bills that break down fees by type, together with a grand total for the month. Inputs: The data entry screen for drop-in after-care should allow for entry of multiple drop-in after-care uses. Processes: The system should be able to produce a single bill for families with more than one child at Willowbrook. Performance: The system must prepare billing statements for distribution one week prior to the first of the month, and a summary report for the finance committee for the third Monday of the month. Controls: The system must provide security that prevents volunteer workers from accessing and updating billing information. 2.
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Chapter 03_Willowbrook_Solution - Willowbrook School...

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