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Willowbrook School Willowbrook School is a small private school that has retained you to assist in the development of a new information system for the school’s administrative needs. Background The system at Willowbrook has been up and running for 5 months now, and things are moving reasonably smoothly. Willowbrook is pleased with the ability to generate one household bill rather than a series of individual bills and parents are pleased with their itemized after care receipts. You have been asked to contract for ongoing support services on an as needed basis. The school would like to arrange for support services in such a way that your time is used as efficiently as possible, because their budget for support is small. Assignments 1. Prepare a procedure that Willowbrook can follow to request maintenance support. You should create a form or forms that will provide you with the information needed to provide support services in as timely and efficient a manner as possible. 2.
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