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Willowbrook School Assignments 1. Prepare a procedure that Willowbrook can follow to request maintenance support. You should create a form or forms that will provide you with the information needed to provide support services in as timely and efficient a manner as possible. Students should produce a maintenance request form that provides the user with questions and choices that will make the actual request clear. Forms should be turned into Susan Brown, who will clarify when necessary with the requestor and then contact you immediately for urgent matters. Requests that are not deemed to be urgent can be reviewed by you either with Susan Brown, or by you alone. You should be prepared to give Susan input into which requests are realistic to follow up on given budget. 2. The staff at Willowbrook is full of ideas about how to expand and enhance the system. You would like to help Willowbrook prioritize some of the ideas they have for updating, expanding and enhancing the system. Discuss some of the other ways
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Chapter 10_Willowbrook_Solution - Willowbrook School...

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