SAD6e New Century Interview Summaries

SAD6e New Century Interview Summaries - Interview Summaries...

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Interview Summaries Interview question: Dr. Timothy Jones Please give an overview of your office systems. Response: Dr. Timothy Jones At New Century, we deal with patients, providers, and medical procedures, or services. The providers, who provide the billable services to the patients, are the four doctors, four physical therapists, and three registered nurses. The clinic has several single-purpose rooms for examination and treatment, X-ray, and physical therapy. Other rooms are general-purpose rooms and can be used for various procedures and services. Each of the medical services we provide is a specific procedure defined by the American Medical Association (AMA) and coded in the AMA’s Current Procedure Terminology (CPT). The CPT is revised regularly. A procedure code consists of a five-digit number and a two-digit suffix. When a patient requests an appointment, a visit is scheduled for a particular date and time with a specific provider in a designated room. Although an appointment involves only one patient and only one provider, the visit might include more than one procedure. Sometimes, this is known in advance, and other times it is determined during the course of the examination or treatment. Interview questions: Anita Davenport What kinds of reports related to patients, appointments, and billing do you or your staff produce each day? Each week? Each month? Describe the process of producing monthly patient statements. Response: Anita Davenport Every day, Lisa Sung types an appointment list for the next day for each of the providers. She also types a call list for the day after that. For example, if today is a Tuesday, then Lisa would prepare individual provider appointment lists for Wednesday's appointments and a call list for Thursday's appointments. Starting first thing Wednesday morning, all patients on the call list for Thursday are telephoned and reminded of their appointments. When a patient has been contacted, we cross his or her name off the call list. Lisa handles most of the calls, but other office staff members sometimes assist her. Whenever an appointment is completed, the doctor, nurse, or therapist writes on a slip of paper the code numbers of the procedures that were performed. The provider brings that paper along with the patient's file out to Lisa. If the patient wants to pay for the services immediately, Lisa calculates the total charges, makes a note of the payment on the service slip, and prepares a receipt for the patient. The patient file then is passed to Susan Gifford, who records all the new information onto the patient history record. If the patient is covered by insurance, Susan passes the file on to Tom Capaletti who handles all the insurance claim forms. When Tom is done with the file, he returns it to Susan, who refiles it. She then gives the service slip either to me or to my accounting assistant Fred Brown, so we can keep the record of services and charges, by provider. Every Tuesday, Fred prepares a Provider Report for the weekly associates’ meeting held each
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SAD6e New Century Interview Summaries - Interview Summaries...

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