Chap 1 Notes_Part_1

Chap 1 Notes_Part_1 - Judgment, not black and white What...

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Session 1 Overview I. Overview of course and today's lecture II. Discuss syllabus and course objectives III. Expectations Auditing v. Accounting IV. Assurance Services and Attestation V. What is auditing? Develop a definition VI. Why is auditing demanded? VII. 10 GAAS; Ethics Case VIII. Forces promoting audit quality
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Expectations All students are highly motivated Much like a 3 year law school program Auditing v. Accounting motivation + analytical ability communication skills emphasized professional oral and written communication skills, listening, interviewing auditees, team work, resolving conflict
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Unformatted text preview: Judgment, not black and white What is, not what should be Group Dynamics Expectations People Skills: Interpersonal Skills: Listening, empathy, self-awareness Leading, collaborating, persuading and motivating Assessing personality and attitude, management operating style Dealing with conflict and disagreeable personalities, Working with a diverse workforce Professional Oral and Written Communication Skills: Managing the unique aspects of working with authority, peers and juniors Presentation skills Ability to think on ones feet (debate) Controlling private/public information, emotive communication...
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Chap 1 Notes_Part_1 - Judgment, not black and white What...

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