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ACG 5637 Auditing Professor Tucker Fall 2011 Instruction for Risk Analysis Project (Document Due October 28th before Presentation) Supergroups will consist of ten students who will produce a combined report, present their analysis and receive a single grade. The project grade stems from two scores: 35 % written analysis; 65% presentation. All groups and changes in group membership are subject to instructor approval. During the initial meeting of the team, I recommend that each group set forth on paper an agenda which includes meeting times and dates, clear and specific task assignments and deadlines for deliverables by team members. A policy should be established whereby if a teammate fails to meet a deadline(s) and/or attend a meeting(s) that they will be expelled from the group. Please keep me apprised before things come to a head if possible. An effort should be made to include all members of the group. Meetings should be scheduled when all can attend. Schedule the receipt of each group member’s deliverable a week in advance of the official due date. “The quality should go in before the name goes on.” So, one should not have one’s name on a document that is substandard regardless of whether that deficient part was completed by a teammate. Team review of deliverables before submission is assumed since every team member receives the same grade. If a teammates work is deficient, let them understand why
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This note was uploaded on 10/05/2011 for the course ACG 5637 taught by Professor Monikacaushoulli during the Fall '08 term at University of Florida.

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Controls Project_Part_1 - ACG 5637 Auditing Professor...

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