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Controls Project_Part_6 - large firm with SEC clients like...

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large firm with SEC clients like that of the partners in the room)? What are both the costs and benefits to it of doing so? Who is the current auditor and how long have they had this client? What are the professional, ethical and business considerations in accepting this company as you audit client? If they were an existing client would you continue with them? If not, would you resign or act strategically to be dismissed? Why? Would you buy or sell this company’s stock? If neither, how fa r would its price have to fall or rise before you would change your decision? The section requires that you understand the attributes that make a client desireable and undesireable (some attributes are listed below) . In addition, it requires knowledge of what an auditor must possess to accept a client (General Standards). What makes a potential client desirable? The probability that it will become a client maturity of its industry, industry aligns with firm’s industry focus growth potential
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  • Fall '08
  • key decision makers, industry focus growth, management challenging work, Internal auditors assistance, regulators Provide background

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