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Lecture 28 China History - Lecture 28 China The End of the...

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Lecture 28 – China - The End of the Last Dynasty - Struggle for Power - During WWII - PRC: 1949-57 - 1958-1976 - PRC 1978-Present The End of the Last Dynasty - 1912: Qing Dynasty falls - Faces domestic rebellion and foreign challenges - Violent struggle for 4 decades - Key issues: o Peasant livelihood o National sovereignty Struggle for Power - Competition between nationalists and communists - Communist party o Leader: Mao Ze Dong - 1924-27: nationalists and communists allied - 1927: Nationalists break from communists, massacre, new civil war - 1934: “Long March” (symbol for communist endurance) - 1937: Japanese invasion o Mao offers to write with nationalists o Nationalists reluctant o Communists win political popularity During WWII - Communist Party grows - Japan defeated - Alliance between nationalists and Communists end o New Civil War o 1949-nationalists flee to Taiwan o Communists turn to building socialist state
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PRC 1949-57 - Alliance with Soviets o Technology Turnover o USSR trains Chinese workers o Assistance in developing administration and bureaucracy o
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