L8 Notes_Part_12 - needy residents A resident could be...

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Identify the control weaknesses and recommend controls that would correct the weaknesses in each of the following unrelated situations: 1. A programmer in an online system was fired. He was given two week’s pay in lieu of notice and discharged subsequently accessed the online system and stole propriety programs and sensitive data. 2. A computer programmer added a module to the payroll program that started with an “IF” statement to identify his employee number. If it were his record, the program was instructed to multiply computed pay by 1.5, thus increasing the programmer’s pay by 50%. 3. A state health and social services department made support payments to
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Unformatted text preview: needy residents. A resident could be input into the system only on the recommendation of a supervising caseworker. Some caseworkers entered fictitious residents on the system and had support payments sent to authorized addresses. The caseworkers then cashed the support payments and eventually transferred the cash to their own accounts. 4. A disgruntled programmer often came to the office in the evenings to copy confidential client data such as customer lists, discounts, and so forth onto a 16 GB portable USB storage drive, which he sold to competitors at handsome prices. Control Weaknesses in an IT Environment...
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L8 Notes_Part_12 - needy residents A resident could be...

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