L9 Notes_Part_6 - Nonfinancial performance indicators...

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Pitfalls of Using Analytical Procedures Simplistic, imprecise, ill-defined expectations. Lack of unbiased, reliable data. Unaudited Volatility in industry or economy, B/S A/Cs Management discretion with account Poor pattern recognition. Incomplete or inconsistent explanation of unusual fluctuations. Undue reliance on information provider explanations .
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Types of Analytical Procedures Comparative financial statements Common size financial statements Ratio analysis Cash flow analysis Regression and time series analysis Bankruptcy prediction (MDA)
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Unformatted text preview: Nonfinancial performance indicators Competitive benchmarking Comparative Statements HOME DEPOT Comparative Balance Sheets (Condensed) Amounts in Millions 2009 2008 Assets Cash and Cash Equivalents 2,826 $ 2,188 $ Short-Term Investments 26 65 Receivables, net 1,097 1,072 Merchandise Inventories 9,076 8,338 Other Current Assets 303 254 Total Current Assets 13,328 11,917 Property and Equipment, at cost 24,594 20,733 Less Accumulated Depreciation 4,531 3,565 Net Property and Equipment 20,063 17,168 Other Assets 1,046 926 Total Assets 34,437 $ 30,011 $...
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L9 Notes_Part_6 - Nonfinancial performance indicators...

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