L11 Notes_Part_10 - 1. Random sample selection 2....

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Nonprobabilistic Sample Selection Methods Items most likely to contain misstatements 3. Haphazard Sample Selection How? 1. throw darts at a dart board 2. pick without looking etc. Problem: 1. Psychological research indicates that human beings are subject to systematic biases in their choices and are far from random. 2. judgmental sample without any judgment
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Sample Selection Methods A.Nonprobabilistic (Precludes statistical inference) 1. Directed sample selection 2. Block sample selection 3. Haphazard sample selection B. Probabilistic
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Random sample selection 2. Systematic sample selection I. Pulling a Sample Every possible combination of elements in the population has an equal chance of constituting the sample. N=5, n=3 {12345} 5!/(3!2!) = 10 Possible combinations: 123 124 125 134 135 145 234 235 245 345 A. Probabilistic Sample Selection Methods - every item in the population has a known chance of being selected How do you obtain the random numbers? 1. Random number tables 2. Computer generated random numbers 1. Random Sample Selection...
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L11 Notes_Part_10 - 1. Random sample selection 2....

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