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(Auditing I, ACG 5637, Fall 2011) 1 of 8 ACG 5637 - AUDITING I Sections 2334 and 3373 Fisher School of Accounting The University of Florida FALL 2011 Instructor: Course: Robert R. Tucker , Ph.D., CPA, CIA 3 credit hours Office 330 Gerson Hall Section 2334 meets: MW 1:55-3:35PM Tel. (352) 273-0226 Section 3373 meets: MW 4:05AM-5:45PM Office Hours: MW 12:30-1:30PM Classroom: GER 126 or by Appointment Prerequisite: ACG 4133C and ACG 4352C e-mail: [email protected] Grader: Joseph Jones Email: [email protected] Course Objectives: The course is designed to provide a conceptual background of the audit environment as well as adequate procedural coverage as to be sufficient for those intending to take positions in public accounting or internal auditing. While the first part of the course emphasizes concepts, the second part provides practice in planning audits, accumulating evidence, documenting results, and formulating audit judgments and decisions. The anticipated Student Learning Outcomes include: Understand the attestation function and generally accepted auditing standards Attest to the fairness of financial representations and the adequacy of internal controls Effectively produce, interpret and analyze written text, oral messages and multimedia presentations used in business. Course Description: Introduction to the attestation and assurance services, the ethical and legal environment, audit standards, objectives and procedures, materiality and risk measurement, sampling, auditing in a computer environment, and reporting. Required Textbook: Louwers, T.J., Ramsay, R., Sinason, D.H., Strawswer, J.R., and J.C. Thibodeau Auditing & Assurance Services, latest edition (4th ed.) Gleim I. N. and W. A. Hillison, CPA Review: Auditing: Auditing and Attestation, latest edition.
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(Auditing I, ACG 5637, Fall 2011) 2 of 8 Gleim Publications, Inc. To save money, consider purchasing directly from Gleim Publications in Gainesville. This is a factory not a retail store, so call in your order in advance to eliminate wait time. Supplemental Resources: (AICPA Code of Professional Conduct) ards/ (AICPA Statements of Auditing Standards) Course Requirements and Grading: 1. You should be prepared to discuss all readings and homework on the dates assigned. Questions and problems will generally not be collected unless they are clearly marked in bold as homework. Academic dishonesty is not permitted in this course. On homework not submitted, it is sufficient to outline an answer to most questions rather than to write detailed answers. The important thing is to have thought about the questions and be prepared to discuss them. We simply will not have enough time to cover everything that is important in the class, so take the initiative to raise questions on auditing issues. 2.
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sylf11+hard+copy+with+updated+Gleim+references - ACG 5637...

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