Lecture 31 China Current Events

Lecture 31 China Current Events - Lecture 30 China Current...

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Lecture 30 – China Current Events - Performance - Challenges and Problems: o Corruption o Rural unrest o Wealth gap o Severe pollution o Human Rights o Democratization? Performance - 1978: China’s leaders define economic growth as most important policy priority - Three major strategies: o Opening up the economy to the international market o Removing state controls over the economy – moving from command to free market economy o Decentralize authority to create incentives for local governments, enterprises, households, and individuals to pursuer their own economic advancement - Chinese economic growth has averaged 10% per year since 1980. - Per capita income has grown 460 yuans in 1980 to 15,025 yuans in 2005 = 3000% increase - China today is the third largest trading nation - If trends continue. .. o China will emerge as the world’s largest economy in somewhere between 2030 and 2040\ o It will be the largest trading nation before 2020 Corruption - Economic success has not been costless - It has provided more opportunities to pursue private gains by legal means. .. - But also illegally through the abuse of public office o Abuse of control over resources, contracts, and permissions - Ordinary citizens tell pollsters that corruption is China’s most serious problem - Leaders are also alarmed about corruption, recognizing that it might pose a threat to regime legitimacy and stability - Since 1982: continuous corruption control effort - But, the Chinese legal system has not been used to full effect to control corruption - Specifically: accused officials can rely on networks of cronies for support
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Lecture 31 China Current Events - Lecture 30 China Current...

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