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centcompaper - parts foreign monetary aid-Control over the...

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TALKING PAPER ON THE NEED TO MAINTAIN SUSTAINED ASSISTANCE IN YEMEN POSITION: The United States, through its foreign policy and military presence, must ensure that its presence in Yemen is established and increased. - The prominence of al-Qaeda’s exploitation of the country’s current challenges is a direct threat to the U.S. and stability in the Arabian Peninsula. - The current civil war requires monitoring and may require direct interference if al-Qaeda gains increased power and influence -- Current government supports fight against al-Qaeda in exchange for: --- International Military Education and Training assistance, military equipment and
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Unformatted text preview: parts, foreign monetary aid-Control over the Aden airport brings many benefits to the U.S --Yemen has geopolitical significance including oil fields and straits--China is also trying to expand its influence in the Indian Ocean to the Arabian Sea including Yemen-Reducing aid and military presence will allow al-Qaeda to maintain its presence and even gather support--A new government may not support counterterrorism efforts--Presence of over 60 million guns, Houthi rebels, South Yemen Insurgency, and al-Qaeda require foreign assistance to maintain stability Logan Miller/ARSC400/6093358091/lcm/3 Oct 11...
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