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Nicholas Gomez History 100-001 10/4/11 Sun Tzu: The Art or War Essay It is clear to me that Sun Tzu is a standout name when it comes to the art of war, not only due to the many who have tried to remake and build off of his work but the reading of this book shows that he really has thought of mostly everything that one could think of when going into any type of war environment. In other words, he is immensely prepared. I have come to realize however, that all of his work is not only for war but life in general. How? You might ask. Well this is something in which I will explain further throughout this paper but the majority of it is the relevance of all of his work to today’s world, whether it be the wars and military, various fields other than war, and even the relevance to my own life. This very relevance is shown through those main ideas that he expresses continuously throughout his work; those ideas of preparation and adaptation. Sun Tzu not only has influence on the wars of today but the military as a whole as well. He has pointed out one thing in particular that they knew back then and that we definitely know now; war and protection of our country is important but expensive. He says that “the expenditure at home and at the front…will reach the total of a thousand ounces of silver per day. Such is the cost of raising and army” (Sun Tzu, p. 41). Clearly this comparison is not exactly the same because it is not costing us any ounces of silver, rather it is costing us millions/billions of dollars, but the just of this statement is that funding a military is expensive and funding for a war is even more expensive. Not only did Sun Tzu discuss this but we have gone over it in class as well. Whether it is funding for training, weapons, vehicles, fuel and so on, it is coming out of our
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pockets and is a must if we want to continue to be considered an international power military- wise. Funding for a war is clearly a must if we’re really in search of a victory but background
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sun tzu essay - Nicholas Gomez History 100-001 10/4/11 Sun...

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