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Bio 100 Exam 4 Name___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question 1) Which of these lymphocytes give rise to plasma cells, which can then produce antibodies? A) T lymphocytes B) Basophils C) Eosinophils D) B lymphocytes 1) 2) A hormone produced in the kidney that is released in response to low oxygen levels to stimulate the production of red blood cells is called: A) hemoglobin. B) erythropoietin. C) Rh factor. D) progesterone. 2) 3) Which of the following is a genetic disorder in which a person bleeds excessively because they have a faulty gene for a clotting factor that is inherited on the X chromosome? A) Cru - du - chat B) Down syndrome C) Hemophilia D) Color blindness 3) 4) Which of these conditions is a cancer of the blood cells that causes uncontrolled division of white blood cells, causing the number of cells to increase? A) Mononucleosis B) Leukemia C) Anemia D) Sickle cell anemia 4) 5) Once in the active form, thrombin actually causes which molecule to change? A) Fibrinogen B) Thrombin C) Plasmin D) Prothrombin 5) 6) The liquid portion of the blood that consists of about 55% of the total volume of blood is referred to as: A) stem cells. B) distilled water. C) plasma. D) platelets. 6) 7) Infectious mononucleosis is caused by: A) pernicious anemia. B) Epstein Barr virus. C) lead poisoning. D) blood doping. 7) 8) Which white blood cell plays an important role in the body's defense against parasitic worm infection? A) Neutrophils B) Basophils C) Eosinophils D) Monocytes 8) 9) Which protein transports oxygen in the blood stream? A) Plasminogen B) Hemoglobin C) Erythropoietin D) Thrombin 9) 10) Which of these leukocytes are the most abundant and begin to phagocytize pathogens to reduce the spread of infection? A) Eosinophils B) Monocytes C) Erythrocytes D) Neutrophils 10) 11) A child has a bicycle accident and is rushed to the ER. The doctors stop the bleeding but the child needs a transfusion. Fortunately, the patient is AB positive so the doctors can give him: A) AB negative or positive only. B) Any blood type will work. C) O positive only. D) O negative only. 11) 1
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12) An Rh negative mother will need a special treatment if she gives birth to an Rh positive baby. The treatment involves the destruction of any stray blood cells from the baby that pass into the mother's bloodstream. Why is this necessary? A) The mother's immune system will attack the Rh positive cells and remaining antibodies will attack a fetus in a subsequent pregnancy. B) The mother's immune system will attack her own blood cells and the cells in the fetus of a
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Bio_100_Test_4_Sum_10 - Bio 100 Exam 4 Name_ MULTIPLE...

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