G10101_Ecosystems - Ecosystems The Earths atmosphere,...

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Ecosystems The Earth’s atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere produce unique conditions on Earth, not just to support life, but to support incredible levels of biodiversity Reading (Chapter 19, 20) Ecosystem Components Plants and the global carbon cycle The food chain and food webs Ecosystem changes over space Global biomes Ecosystem changes over time First, some definitions Biosphere: That part of the earth system in which life exists (from the ocean floor to about 8 km elevation). Ecology: (greek - oikos – place to live, logos study of) study of relationships between organisms and their environment. Ecosystem: self sustaining association of living plants and animals and their physical environment. Biogeography: study of distribution of plants and animals, processes that produce the diverse spatial patterns. Ecosystem Components • Ecosystem components biotic (living) abiotic (nonliving) Components of the ecosystem Species: a fundamental category of related organisms capable of interbreeding Community: a biotic subdivision of an ecosystem formed by interacting plant and animal species’ populations in an area Ecotone: boundaries between communities Community population concepts Species richness : number of different species in a community Abundance : how frequently an individual species occurs within a community Species distributions: Individualistic hypothesis • each species distribution is related to the
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G10101_Ecosystems - Ecosystems The Earths atmosphere,...

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