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SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITY Department of Geography & Human Environmental Studies Geog 101, Our Physical Environment Section 2: Sun-Earth relations and atmosphere From this section you should be familiar with the following concepts: Major bands of radiation emitted by the sun (gamma, x-ray, ultraviolet, visible, infrared) o Location of peak of solar spectrum Wien’s Law and the source of ‘shortwave’ and ‘longwave’ radiation in Earth’s energy system Latitudinal control on incoming solar radiation – how and why it varies from the equator to the poles The major reasons for seasons o important seasonal dates and locations with respect to Earth-Sun relation ± equinox, solstice (winter and summer) ± equator, tropics (cancer and capricorn) The role of gravity on atmospheric mass and how atmospheric density changes with altitude Composition of the atmosphere including o definitions for and examples of constant and variable gasses o Atmospheric aerosols, their sources and role in climate
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ReviewSection2_Earth_Sun_Atmosphere - SAN FRANCISCO STATE...

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