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SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITY Department of Geography & Human Environmental Studies Geog 101, Our Physical Environment Review Section 5: Hydrologic cycle and atmospheric water From this section you should be familiar with the following concepts: ± Understand and be able to define the major flows of water in the hydrologic cycle. What are the processes by which water moves between phase and between location. See Figure 5.1 for more detail. ± Review the six phase changes of water and whether energy is absorbed/used or released in the process. Many questions in physical geography require understanding this basic framework, for example, the next item ± Be able to define the three major forms of humidity o Maximum humidity Absolute humidity Relative humidity ± Once you understand these you see how air masses can become saturated and form clouds either by adding more water vapor or lowering temperature. Why is rising air linked to cloud formation? What else is required for clouds to form other than saturated air?
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ReviewSection5_hydro_atmos_water - SAN FRANCISCO STATE...

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