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Geography Final Exam - Geography Final Exam Chapter 6 Terms...

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Geography Final Exam Chapter 6 Terms 1. State - refers to country when on international level 2. Nation-state - an independent country dominated by a homogenous culture group. (Germany, Japan, Sweden, Greece, and Finland) 3. Multinational state - state made up of a heterogeneous cultural population. ( India, Spain, Russia, and south Africa) 4. Sovereignt y- the right of individual states to control political and economic affairs within their territorial boundaries without external interference. 5. Territoriality - a learned cultural response rooted in European history that produced the external bounding and internal territorial organization characteristics of modern states. 6. Nationalism - ones cultural identity is tied to their national identity; learned attachment to region and place 7. Enclave - a piece of territory surrounded by, but not part of a country. (Lesotho) 8. Exclave - a piece of national territory separated from the main body of a country b the territory of another country. (Kaliningrad) 9. Natural boundary - a political border that follows some feature of the natural environment such as a river or mountain ridge. 10. Ethnographic boundary - a political boundary that follows some cultural border, such as a linguistic or religious border. 11. Geometric boundary - a political border drawn in a regular, geometric manner, often a straight line, without regard for environmental or cultural patterns. 12. Relic boundary - a former political border that no longer functions as a boundary. 13. Unitary state - an independent state that concentrates power in the central government and grants little authority to the provinces. 14. Federal state - an independent country that gives considerable powers and even autonomy to its constituent parts. 15. Centripetal forces - any factor that supports the internal unity of a country. 16. Centrifugal forces - any factor that disrupts the internal order of a country. 17. Supranational organization- a group of independent countries joined together for purposes of mutual interest. 18. Eurozone-
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Geography Final Exam - Geography Final Exam Chapter 6 Terms...

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