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Reading Log The reading log is a tool to allow you to record your reflections on and your questions about the bi-weekly reading assignments. Your log will help guide our class discussions about how the text engages with the themes of the course. You may also use the log as a starting point for your own inquiries into the readings as a basis for interpretive projects and research papers. Though the log is primarily a private document for your own use, you will occasionally be asked to share entries with classmates and to turn in entries to be read by me. I may also share them (anonymously) with the class to initiate discussions. Because we will be using them in class and they will sometimes be collected, please use a loose-leaf binder for your log and bring it to every session. Entries As a general guide, each entry should be at least 2-3 paragraphs and ¾ page long. You may want to begin by marking parts of the text that stand out as important, puzzling, or confusing. You may also make “stream of consciousness” notes in the margins that
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