250 Introduction to Nonwestern Art

250 Introduction to Nonwestern Art - from" 1903 Gauguin...

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Information sheet for “Primitivism” lectures 1880 Unidentified Fang mask hung in corner of Gustave Boulanger's studio Fang are an ethnic group on the coast of Gabon who sold the metal covered figures they used to guard ancestral bones during the last third of the nineteenth century 1882 Creation of the Musée d'Ethnographie or Trocadero Museum of Non- Western art in Paris - both Non-Western art objects and peoples classed as items of Natural History Gauguin 1847.1903 Paul Gauguin – left behind a vision of Non-Western cultures as lost paradises In 1880s goes to Brittany on French coast in an attempt to live as a savage, for him a term of praise 1888 **The vision after the Sermon – portrays peasant women having a vision of Jacob wrestling with the angel after attending mass 1891 sails for Tahiti 1892 **Paul Gauguin, Spirit of the Dead Watching (Manao Tupapau) 1893.5 returns to France 1894 Goes to Marquesas 1892 **Spirit of the Dead Watching , Manao Tupapau 1897 Paul Gauguin's "D'ou venons nous . . . " or "Where do we come
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Unformatted text preview: from . . " 1903 Gauguin dies of syphilis in the Marquesas 1903 Retrospective exhibition of Gauguin’s work in Salon D’Automne 1906 2 nd Retrospective of Gauguin’s work powerfully influenced Picasso Picasso 1906 Vlaminck sells Fang mask to Derain who hangs it in his studio where it is probably seen by Picasso 1907 Spring/early summer 1907 Picasso visits Trocadero Museum by accident, has "revelation" there and tchanges the faces of the two right hand prostitutes in **"The Demoiselles D'Avignon" to reflect African forms seizes spirituality of African art, but associates a Western fantasy of 'savage' sexuality with Africa; is not interested in information about Non-Western cultures 1911/1912 **Picasso's, "Still Life with Chair Caning," borrowed use of non-traditional materials from Non-Western art 1914-1918 Picasso abandons synthetic cubism for classicizing style African art associated with German 'Savages'...
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250 Introduction to Nonwestern Art - from" 1903 Gauguin...

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