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Sasha Wang (52025890) COMM 211.008 Hoon Lee Workshop 2- “Audience”- 01/11/08 An audience is the key element in the success and continuation of a presentation or performance; the media would not be able to exist without it. All culturally involved people are members of the media’s audience. These members’ cognitive, affective, and behavioral reactions determine how successful or unsuccessful specific films, television programs, shows, articles, books, and radio programs will be. Whether a communication medium is for entertainment, political, or educational purposes, it needs an audience to be able to get its message across. The United States has a society centered on a technological and money-orientated media; hence the duration of the country’s theme, the “American Dream.” This “American Dream” is reached by businesses who try to make their product appealing to consumers─ possibly the
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Unformatted text preview: largest audience ever. These audience members are exposed to a medium that they are able to either disregard or further its effects by conversing about it with fellow audience members. The audience determines which businesses and programs will thrive culturally and economically. When I think of an audience, I naturally envision people seated in a dark auditorium anticipating a performance. However, that is usually not the case. The range of reactions that audience members could have is infinite because of all of the possible variables (i.e emotions, time of day, and location). An audience will never react unanimously to a source of media, which is why there is a huge production process of the programs they are viewing. An audience’s reaction takes a lot of effort to predict....
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