Restorative Justice in the 21st Century

3 are victims offenders community groups and citizens

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Unformatted text preview: ced” Are We? 1. Do staff give equal attention to competency development, holding youth accountable to victims and the community, and public safety in their response to each case? 2. Do managers allocate resources equally toward achieving rehabilitative goals (competency), sanctioning goals (accountability), and public safety (community protection)? 3. Are victims, offenders, community groups, and citizens viewed by both management and staff as equal customers of juvenile justice services? How “Restorative” Are We? 1. Do victims, offenders, and community members play an active role in sanctioning, rehabilitation and public safety enhancement? Does each group have input into program design and process? 2. Is equal attention given to the needs of victims, offenders, and community members? Are programs and services targeted toward restoring victims, reintegrating offenders (after holding them accountable), and strengthening communities (by reducing fear, enhancing prevention capacity, resolving disputes)? 3. Does restoration of victims and victim...
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