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Restorative Justice in the 21st Century

At the macro level restorative justice addresses the

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Unformatted text preview: pecific offense is committed, through sanctioning focused on victim reparation. At the macro level, restorative justice addresses the need to build safer communities in which most conflicts which lead to crime can be peacefully resolved and the cycle of violence broken. The juvenile justice system and the community should play collaborative and complementary roles in both micro and macro responses to crime; the justice system should be assigned the responsibility for order, and the community the responsibility for restoring and maintaining peace. Restorative justice, through reparative sanctions and processes such as restitution, victim offender mediation, and community service fulfills a fundamental need of communities to denounce criminal behavior, provide meaningful consequences, and send a message to the offender and others that such behaviors are unacceptable. In addition, achieving safe and secure communities cannot be accomplished simply by locking up -- or by treating -- individual offenders. Citizens and victims must be actively involved in preventative processes such as alternative...
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