Restorative Justice in the 21st Century

Can the juvenile justice system be preserved can we

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Unformatted text preview: juvenile justice system be preserved? Can we break the spiral of ever increasing fear and isolation which feeds juvenile crime? Is it possible to respond to juvenile crime in ways which strengthen community bonds while sending clear messages about personal responsibility and accountability? Can victims of crime and communities become actively involved in the process Balanced and Restorative Justice for Juveniles 5 of holding offenders accountable and receiving compensation and assistance? One vision for the future predicts radical transformation of the juvenile justice system in the direction of even more retributive policies -- or complete abolition of a separate juvenile justice system. A second vision presented by many youth advocates, calls for an effort to “reaffirm” the traditional treatment model and mission focused on “best interests” of the child. Others, however, question the viability and adequacy of this mission.2 Fortunately, some communities and innovative juvenile justice leaders are moving in a proactive way to “reinvent” the juvenile justice mission based on new values, goals, policies, and p...
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