Restorative Justice in the 21st Century

Eds restorative justice on trial pitfalls and

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Unformatted text preview: artinson, R. (1974). What Works - Questions and Answers About Prison Reform. Public Interest, 32, 22-54. McAllair, D. (1993). Reaffirming Rehabilitation in Juvenile Justice. Youth and Society 25. 25:104- McLagan, John. (1992). Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Restorative Justice. Report to the Minnesota Dept. of Corrections. Messmer, H., & H. Otto, (1992). (Eds.) Restorative Justice On Trial: Pitfalls and Potentials of Victim Offender Mediation. International Research Perspectives. Norwell, MA: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Osborne, D., & T. Gaebler. (1992). Reinventing Government. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley. Palmer, T. (1992). The re-emergence of correctional intervention. Beverly Hills: Sage. Pearl, A. (1978). The Value of Youth. Davis, CA: Dialogue Books. Pittman K. and W. Fleming (1991). A New Vision: Promoting Youth Development, testimony to House Select Committee on Children, Youth and Families. Washington, DC, September. Polk, K. (1974). What Ever Happened to the National Str...
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