Restorative Justice in the 21st Century

Endnotes 1 manifestations of the movement toward what

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Unformatted text preview: sity of California at Los Angeles Law Review 31:503-562. Wilkins, L. (1991). Punishment, crime and market forces. Brookfield, VT: Dartmouth Publishing Co. Pp. 312. Wright, M. (1991). Justice for Victims and Offenders. Buckingham, Open University. Zehr, H. (1990). Changing Lenses. Scottsdale, PA: Herald Press. Balanced and Restorative Justice for Juveniles 57 XI. Endnotes 1. Manifestations of the movement toward what Feld (1990) has labeled the "punitive juvenile court" and others describe as a "retributive juvenile justice system" include widely documented statutory, policy, and procedural changes. Determinate and mandatory minimum sentencing laws in some states (Feld, 1993), fewer restrictions on transfer to adult court (Texas Family Code Annotated, 1986; Feld, 1990; Thomas and Bilchik, 1985), a weaker role for judges and traditional decision makers (Rubin, 1986; Bazemore, 1994), dessert-based state codes and purpose clause provisions which de-emphasize the role of rehabilitation...
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