Restorative Justice in the 21st Century

Understanding the response to reforms limiting

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Unformatted text preview: Juvenile Justice System: Reinventing Mission and Management. Spectrum: The Journal of State Government 68 (2), 51-66. Bazemore, G. and Peter Cruise (1995). Reinventing Rehabilitation: Exploring a Competency Development Model for Juvenile Justice Intervention. Perspectives, Fall, 12-21. Bazemore, Gordon. (1994). Understanding the Response to Reforms Limiting Discretion: Judges' Views of Restrictions on Detention Intake, Justice Quarterly, 11(3), 429-453. Bazemore, G. and D. Maloney. (1994). Rehabilitating Community Service: Toward Restorative Service in a Balanced Justice System.. Federal Probation 58 (1), 24-34. Bazemore, G. (1993). Designed Work Experience as an Alternative Intervention for Serious Offenders. The Justice Professional 7 (2), 47-69. Braithwaite, J. (1989). Crime, shame, and reintegration. New York: Cambridge University Press. Butts, J., and H. Snyder. (1991). Restitution and juvenile recidivism [Monograph]. National Center for Juvenile Justice, Pittsburgh, PA. Eglash, A. (1975). Beyond Restitution: Creative Res...
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