Restorative Justice in the 21st Century

Youth victim and community receive balanced attention

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Unformatted text preview: s Youthful offender is main client to be tracked, punished, treated and controlled. Youth, victim, and community receive balanced attention as client/customers of the system who are each targets of intervention and partners in the response to crime. System Goals Rehabilitation through individual treatment; ambivalence regarding Sanctioning and Public Safety roles with resulting reactive approach focused on punishment and offender isolation. Rehabilitation through competency development; Sanctioning through accountability to victims and communities; Public Safety through increased community security, preventative capacity development, and relationship building. Performance Objectives More competent offenders; reintegration of offenders; restoration of victims and offender awareness of harm; safe and secure citizens engaged in preventative activities; separation of violent, predatory offenders from the community. Efficient administration of punishment; service provision; compliance with rules of supervision; complete treatment; changes in offen...
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