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Restorative Justice in the 21st Century

Process and development of new roles for staff and

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Unformatted text preview: 2) design and implement a pilot effort to demonstrate how the various components of the approach work together in one part of the system and/or one local community; 3) assign staff roles in the pilot and begin the infrastructure development process and development of new roles for staff and management protocols consistent with the objectives of the model; 4) develop a plan for and begin the reallocation of existing resources and acquisition of new resources; 5) establish action steps based on the assessment of current policy and practice needed and goals for policy and programmatic change; 6) identify training and technical assistance needs linked to each task focusing first on the pilot/demonstration effort. The sidebar on page 33 provides some additional suggestions about policy and procedural changes that may be needed to facilitate implementation of the reforms implied by Balanced and Restorative principles. Balanced and Restorative Justice for Juveniles 41 For managers, the most important principle in implementing the new mission is to remain unwilling to be bound by bureaucratic structures and processes t...
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