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ANP_128_Spring_Quiz4 - 4 Know the basic anatomical parts of...

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Study Guide for Quiz 4 1. Be  able  to locate  or identify: locate  and  identify all of the  muscles  that make  up  the  quadriceps just be  able  to identify all of the  muscles  that make  up  the  hamstrings locate  and  identify the  gastrocnemius,  soleus  and  tibialis  anterior   2. Be  able  to draw  a graph  showing  an  action  potential and  to identify the: resting  membrane  potential threshold depolarization repolarization labeling  the  correct  axis  with time  and  millivolts 3. What is the  value  in millivolts  of the  resting  membrane  potential (RMP)  and  that of threshold?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Know the basic anatomical parts of a neuron • dendrites, soma, axon hillock, axon, axon terminals 5. What cell is responsible for producing myelination on a nerve 6. Name the 5 different types of neuroglia cells (Glial cells) 7. What is the general term used to describe the chemical that is releas ed from one neuron to the next to allow the potential) to leave one neuron and to move to the next one?...
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