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Unformatted text preview: Study Guide ****************** Muscle anatomy & physiology *************** 1. Know the 3 different types of muscle tissue and which is voluntary & involuntary 2. List 4 characteristics of muscle tissue 3. How is muscle tissue organized? (body --> bundles --> ____ --> --> -->… far as you can go!!) 4. Know the different layers of connective tissue that are associated with the different layers of organization of muscle tissue .. where do you find epi, peri and endomysium? 5. What is a muscle cell is also known as? 6. What are muscle fibers a collection of? What are myofibrils a collection of? 7. What name do we give to the cell membrane of a muscle cell? 8. What is the name of the cytoplasm found in a muscle fiber? 9. Name the two different types of filaments that make up (compose) a myofilament 10. In what layer of organization of muscle tissue do we find myofilaments? 11. What is a sarcomere? – in relation to a muscle and what “defines” a sarcomere structurally? 12. Know the structures that make up (comprise) a sarcomere and how each structure relates to and functions with each other. 13. During a muscle contraction, what structure/s actually shorten in their lengths and which do not change? 14. What is the stimulus that causes a muscle to contract? 15. What causes an excitable cell (muscle cells and nerve cells) to be “polar?” 16. Be able to draw an example of how ion movement can influence membrane polarity....
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ANP_128_Spring_StudyGuide1 - Study Guide ******************...

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