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We all have a purpose, at least in nature, humans and everything else were created and have a purpose. That’s what the Catholic Church believes, the theory that they support is Creation Science, this theory takes the Bible literally and states that things once created they can’t never change trough time. For centuries this was the base of all sciences, God created everything we see, form a tiny particle to the entire universe. But as a student, as a person that is always looking for truth in what to believe or not Creation Science and what the church teaches is a lie. With this words I may have opened
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Unformatted text preview: the door for me in the Hell, but once the evidence shows that we actually were never created as modern human beings, that we evolve from other species through thousands of years a climate change believing in creation is hard. In 1859 after different studies and observations, Charles Darwin came up with a theory that besides being totally revolutionary at the time, it was a sin and negation for something that people has believe for centuries....
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