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Josecarlos Antonio Ruiz Diaz English 102 Michael Philp What’s the controversy? The “Bottle” of the Waters! When we often listen to the names of water like Evian or Perrier we automatically like to associate these brands with luxury, status, and health. People think that bottled water is healthier that other types of water like tap or filtered. Since water is so limited in our world, we would like to have the best of the best and fulfill our “standards” of a better and healthier life. People have been taught that bottled water and its standards regulated by different federal offices is the best option for them. Around the water issue a lot of questions have been raised, some people no longer think that bottled water is the best and are switching to tap water, which leads us to the main question, what is it from bottled water that is making people switch to tap? If we ask people that drink bottled water what is so good about it, they would say that bottled is healthier, meaning that it has lest pollutants in it, while others would also agree that bottled water tastes better. “Safety, quality, good taste” are words that the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) used to describe their members’ water and the objective that they achieve by the strong regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) within the US. Bottled water is regulated as a package food product under the FDA, following the Title 21 of the Federal Code of Regulations. These standards include: standards of identity, quality, good manufacturing practices, food misbranding adulteration and recall provisions. In State regulations, governments often use one or both of the following regulations: Federal/FDA model (bottled water is treated as a food product and therefore subjects to FDA
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regulations), and Environmental Model (bottled water is regulated by state agencies which compares to the EPA (Environmental protection agency); just a few states regulate water under this model). Under the FDA or state regulations water bottlers are require to test the water for: organic materials (pesticides, herbicides, volatile organic compounds), inorganic materials (lead, cooper, zinc, chloride, and minerals), microorganism, radiological (radioactive material), and
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bottled_vs_tap.1 - Josecarlos Antonio Ruiz Diaz English 102...

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