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Ruiz Josecarlos ANTONIO RUIZ Diaz ENGL 2342 Carolina Ruiz March 3, 2011 Bitch, Death I thought that to talk about one poem would not be enough, so I decided to talk about two. “Bitch”, we must know what the meaning of the word is before we can understand the reasons behind the authors poem. The dictionary describes bitch as: “a malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, especially a woman.” I believe that because of her both difficult and successful upbringing the author needed to be strong, to be passionate about something and purse it despite others belief, this is why, perhaps to others, she is perceived as a bitch, maybe she is, maybe she isn’t. “a woman looking at a man (and he doesn’t like it) of a woman fighting with her kids (but they need it)” The author shows temperament, and passion, about who she is, what her life might represent. I believe Villanueva is merely the fine example of accomplishment, of hard work, that
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Unformatted text preview: a woman must endure and carry out in a world dominated by machismo; if she is a bitch, she a good one. In “Delicious Death” the still shows a firm presence towards her kid, yet again, she also shows the fears and love that a loving parent has. She has a softer side that cannot help the fact that her growing son has turned into a man. Perhaps the hunting never happen or the meal never took place, however, it would be an amazing metaphor as in how a parent has the sunken filling of seeing a son being shape and change by the word. By ending with “Swallowing, swallowing this delicious death.” the author demonstrates how she has come to accept that change is Ruiz inevitable, but also necessary, and perhaps good. I believe she struggles, and enjoys the changes her son is making....
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Josecarlos_ANTONIO_RUIZ_Diaz - a woman must endure and...

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