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Ruiz - Josecarlos Ruiz ENGL 2342 Ms. Carolina Ruiz March 24, 2011 Gone but not vanished On the first chapter of “The Mambo kings Play Songs of Love’ by Oscar Hijuelos, is interesting to see how what may be lost, gone, dead, has yet to be vanished, and will forever be remember. Cesar, the main character on this excerpt, makes the significance of seeing his father again, even on TV, obvious. Cesar’s dad had passed away, still, he remembers his music, his uniqueness, his “Poppy” (Hijuelos Pg 1816). By recalling other things about his father, “The first time I saw a rerun of this, I could remember other things about him” (Hijuelos Pg 1814) Cesar sinks the readers heart, just a little kid, loving what he no longer has, but has not yet forgotten. Even when nothingness governs the air, the space, memories grasps us back to those
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Unformatted text preview: moments we secretly hold into a pedestal in our minds. Cesar remembers the past while existing in the present, he tells the story of his dad and uncle, and how they came to the U.S and became known. Cesar, not for one second gives up on that slight moment that means everything, those few minutes in where his lifeless dad smiles, sings, as if he was never gone. Hujuelos makes an excellent job at describing how something that may be meaningless could represent something, transcendental to others, how the little things, in a huge world, still seem to be the ones that truly matter. People, places, and events we cannot forget, and although spent they linger, they remain, what a sweet agony to remember that that once made us happy....
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