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Josecarlos Ruiz Diaz Government 2302 Professor Shine Judicial Review Two hundred and twenty three years ago, and a little over two centuries later we still follow the most important and defining document of the United States: the constitution. It is so well written that only twenty seven different amendments have been added into it. Still, since it is such an old document, and despite the different changes that have taken place, the constitution is open to interpretation. Politics, traditions, people, and culture, in general change over time. This makes it even harder to "interpret" a document of such old age. The constitution states that the Supreme Court of the United States main purpose is to serve as the ultimate appellate court, and also as the jurisdictional court over certain cases. It wasn't until twenty three years after the constitution was ratified that "judicial review" was implied, and subsequently implemented in the power of the Supreme Court. Before an argument of whether judicial review should be favored or opposed, one must first understand the origin of the this judicial tool. It came about with the case of Marbury vs. Madison where soon to be former president John Adams appointed William Marbury as justice of the peace. In order for the appointment to be legitimate the signature of the new Secretary of State James Madison was needed, however because of political and party conflict, Madison refused to
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Judicial_Review - Josecarlos Ruiz Diaz Government 2302...

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