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History Presentation - this because I am desperate for work...

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I am from Texas and I had to leave my land and come to California. I had to leave my home because of the drought. I left not only because of the lack of rain but also because there was hardly anything to eat, which drove my family and I to desperation and depression. We traveled thousands of miles to get to California in search of work and opportunity. Here in California I am hated by many people because they believe I am a threat to their security. They are being ignorant, because I may be unclean and unintelligent, but they don't know that I used to work and possess my own land. But despite the hate they have for my family and me they need my labor and my farming experiences to work in their fertile soil. I must provide for my family and for that I have to give up many things including my land and my liberty. Here my voice is unheard and I am not allowed to vote—yet I must accept
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Unformatted text preview: this because I am desperate for work. I admire Franklin D. Roosevelt, for the reason that even during hard times and an awful economy, he is willing to help the nation and regular people like me to progress. He says that 1936 isn't any different from 1776; he says that now we are in the same way we where before the revolutionary war, prisoners of the economic tyranny. FDR argues that because of our fast growing nation we forget a lot of things, and let many others happen, like farmer’s rights, capitalism, and segregation. The president wants to help us and he wants everyone to be treated fairly. He says he will fight for democracy against "industrial dictatorship" and he will help farmers like me, to have control of our grain, lands and prices; instead of letting the rest of the people do so for us....
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