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TR 1:00 Fall 2009 #8— Pseudomonas stutzeri November 10, 2009 A gram stain was done on unknown #8. The slide contained pink rods and little purple was noticed. Consequently, the bacteria was shown to be a gram negative bacteria. Since the bacteria was proven to be a gram negative bacteria, a MacConkey plate, a TSI slant, and a SIM tube were all inoculated. The streaking for isolation method was used on the MacConkey plate, while the TSI slant was inoculated through the “stab the butt streak the slant” method, and the SIM tube was stabbed straight, halfway down the media. The media was then left to incubate for 48 hours. November 12, 2009 The MacConkey plate grew colorless colonies, which means that the bacteria did not ferment lactose. This step alone eliminated C. koseri, E. aerogenes, K. pneumoniae, and E. coli . The TSI results were K/NR/-/-, read as slant/butt/gas/H 2 S. This means that there was no lactose or sucrose fermentation and causing an alkaline pH and a pink slant. The butt was orange, indicating no reaction (no glucose fermentation). This was perplexing because, on the Gram Negative Bacilli Chart, there were no bacteria showing NR for the butt. There were no bubbles in the slant, indicating no gas production. There was no blackening of the media, showing that H
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Microbiology_Unknows - TR 1:00 Fall 2009 #8Pseudomonas...

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