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Ruiz Diaz, Josecarlos A. ANT102/ Introduction to American Culture In-class Assignment, Race the power of an Illusion The Powerful Illusion The “number one country”, yet the worse I’ve seen in policies and acts against and in favor of Racism. It was shocking to see the film, such a “great” country with such horrible policies against their own people. a) Policy: Civil Rights act of 1968. That year president Johnson signed this act the prohibited discrimination based on race, gender, religion, etc. With housing, meaning that everyone could be able to buy their own house, no matter the “race”. It seemed that this act was good and fair, but nonwhites were still discriminated, real state would buy houses to whites and re-sell them to nonwhite people in higher prices too when these ones try to integrate into to better neighborhoods. Even thought discrimination wasn’t allow the
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Unformatted text preview: government doesn’t help areas that are in “risk”, areas where nonwhites live, therefore the area generates less income for people, because it would worth less and schools and services would be less effective because of the taxation, things are pay with taxes but if there is an area with no work and poor people how can they pay taxes and expect good services if the government is not going to help them. Places change, and people that has money, in their majority whites, move to the suburbs while nonwhites stay in the hoods getting the worse of the services and education, regulated by the government. It seems like the governments sees no use in helping these areas to develop and even with acts that go in favor of the civil rights it seems that is just an illusion created by this higher institution to make believe that it supports the people in equal way....
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