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Reaction Paper - land Like Mr Lippmann's argues{either...

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Josecarlos Ruiz History 1302 Reaction Paper #4 I agree with president Truman when he speaks about freedom and about helping to keep democracy in nations like Greece and Turkey, however, we cannot commit ourselves to such a great responsibility, we cannot police the world without bringing damaging consequences to it, whether they are American allies or not. The president says that there are only two ways in the world: theirs, as communists, or ours. I certainly believe in a nation that defends its people’s liberties and rights, that listens to the people’s voices and acts to satisfy its people. I believe that when a nation extends its power beyond its own border lines it stops being a country and it becomes more of an empire and I think that is what is happening with the Soviets, they represent a threat to the world and to its peace. In this case we need to observe and contain the Soviets’ growing power, however it is not up to America alone but to the entire world to stand up to the Soviets, especially those sovereign nations that are too close to the communist
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Unformatted text preview: land. Like Mr. Lippmann's argues {either “Like Mr. Lippmann’s argument” or “Like Mr. Lippmann argues”}, containment forever is near to impossible, we have to unite the world's powers to sanction or punish whenever the Soviets instigate democratic nations to fall into communism. We alone cannot fight communism and like Mr. Lippmann's work states, we don't have the resources to keep up with containment, which, seems to be more of a business, an exchange of goods between America and the nations in "need" of aid. Like Walter Lippmann argues, we either help our "puppets" allies to a full extent and expense or not at all. I, like him, believe that America’s involvement depends on what we need and can afford, it is decided by the same organizations we created and are a part of to prevent the world’s growing tensions and conflicts. We should support and be a part of containment, but not be the head of it....
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Reaction Paper - land Like Mr Lippmann's argues{either...

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