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Endochondral Ossification Aside from the clavicles essentially all bones of the body which are below the base of the skull are formed by Endochondral Ossification. This process begins in the second month of development in the mother’s womb. The process starts with Hyaline Cartilage which is produced by Mesenchymal cell clusters. The Hyaline Cartilage needs to be broken down as ossification proceeds. An example of a long bone forming will break down the process of Endochondral Ossification. The first thing to happen is a bone collar will form around the diaphysis of the hyaline cartilage model. After that the cartilage in the center of the diaphysis calcifies and then cavitates. The periosteal bud will invade the internal cavities and the spongy bone will form. After that the diaphysis elongates and then a medullary cavity will form. The final step in Endochondral Ossification is the epiphyses will ossify.
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Unformatted text preview: This is using an example of long bone. This whole process starts with the Mesenchymal cells clustering which forms future bone forming hyaline cartilage. The Mesenchymal cells will develop into chondroblast which in turn will produce cartilage matrix and perichondrium forms around the model. The chondrocytes at the midregion will increase in size and burst which will then release contents that will change the Ph of the matrix which initiates calcification. The cartilage cells will die because they are not receiving the nutrients needed as it diffuses thru the matrix which will create an empty space in the cartilage model. The nutrient artery will enter this empty space and the perichondrium will stimulate osteoprogenitor cells to develop osteoblast. This all happens before birth....
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