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COMM lecture (10-4-11) - very well The more extreme and...

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COMM 225 (10/4/11) Emotional shit Strategies that don’t improve your mood o Consuming alcohol o Consuming caffeine o Consuming recreational drugs (stoners) drugs just take you away for a while o Drugs don’t consistently improve mood o Sex Strategies that work o Rigorous physical exercise- have to sweat (can include sex) Legally blonde- Exercise instructor isn’t a murderer, exercise releases endorphins, endorphins mean good mood. Happy people don’t kill people Passion: o Blended emotion o Consists of surprise and joy o Heart pounding “positive” feelings o Coupled with feelings of excitement, amazement, and sexual attraction o Doesn’t determine if you are in love with someone Passion facts: o Early stages of romantic relationships often (but not always) involve intense passion (first few weeks) o Passion and love are different (one of the biggest mistakes about relationships. Passion goes away, love doesn’t) o The longer and better you know someone- the less passion you’ll have toward them on a daily basis. They can’t surprise you if you know them
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Unformatted text preview: very well. The more extreme and unexpected the event has to be in order to trigger passion (buying flowers, cleaning the house. . not everyday shit). o Passion cannot be planned-SPONTANEOUS! Kelly just shows up at his door and says “lets go do some unplanned shit!” lets go fold clothes at the Laundromat o Within long-term relationships, you’ll feel more passion toward others than toward your partner (sexy waitress shows up: your wife isn’t lookin so good anymore. .) best way to kill the crush is to get to know the person you have a crush on. More often than not it will scare you away. Expect this shit to happen o It will never be the “same as it was” so expect and enjoy the “warm afterglow”. Things wont be as hot as when you first meet/ be intimate with someone • Anger: o Lady yells/cheers too loud: Kelly calls her out. Anger comes into play. Could lead to violence. Continued on next lecture...
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