Bio Lecture 10 - Bio Lecture 10 (9/28/11) Isotonic-...

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Bio Lecture 10 (9/28/11) Isotonic- concentrations of solute is equal on both sides of membrane Water will always flow toward the side with more solute (toward hypertonic side) until it is at equilibrium (equal M) If you put a cell in a hypotonic solution the cell will swell up Lysed- Swelled up I.V.s are 0.9% saline, which is the same as the salt concentration as your blood. Balances out the concentrations so they can get hydrated Ch. 6 Organelles and shit There are prokaryotes and eukaryotes Prokaryotes- simple cells/organisms. Have no nucleus. Includes bacteria and archaea. o Size: 1-10mm. o Very few organelles. o No internal membranes. o Have a plasma membrane, have ribosomes, have a cell wall outside of the membrane (doesn’t work as a barrier, just there for protection and structure), some have a capsule (only the smooth ones) (made of polysaccharides), some have flagella (so they can swim), some have fimbriae (little fibers that allow for interaction between other prokaryotes,
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Bio Lecture 10 - Bio Lecture 10 (9/28/11) Isotonic-...

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