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Bio lecture 12 - • If uridine triphosphate(nucleotide in...

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Bio lecture 12 (10/5/11) (Test Review) Central dogma is a template-synthesized reaction. DNA>RNA>Protein RNA comes only from DNA (RNA doesn’t make RNA) DNA makes RNA in the process of transcription One DNA strand and one RNA strand is ‘used’ in transcription. Triphosphate is a term involved with nucleotides (Adenosine triphosphate, Cytosine triphosphate, guanine triphosphate, thymine triphosphate.. ATCG) o Phospholipids only have one phosphate group
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Unformatted text preview: • If uridine triphosphate (nucleotide in RNA) is radioactively labeled. . which macromolecule would be radioactive? (not phospholipids, not DNA, not Proteins. . RNA is the right answer) • RNA has 2 –OH groups • DNA has 1 –OH group • Polymerized means “made” • RNA nucleotides get polymerized during transcription • Cytoplasm’s are generally hypertonic to fresh water...
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