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Lecture 6 (9/16/11) 4 Macromolecules o Carbohydrates (sugars) o Lipids o Proteins o Nucleic acid Carbs o Sugars (-ose, sacch, glyco) o Polymers- chains of sugars o Monosaccharide- singles sugar o Polysaccharides- polymer of sugar Role of carbs o Energy- respiration into metabolism o Energy storage o Used structurally o Cellulose, cell to cell recognition Sugars o Contains carbonyl group and multiple hydroxyls o Glucose is the most common o Classification by position of carbonyl, or by number of carbons o Triose- 3 carbons, pentose- 5 carbons, hexose- 6 carbons o In aqueous solutions, the straight backbone structure isn’t as common as ring forms. It will fluctuate between both forms in aqueous solutions but the dominant form is ring form o Urbance is a bitch Sugars can be linked together using condensation reactions Most sugars are disaccharides, 2 sugars bonded together using glycocidic bonds
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Unformatted text preview: • Polysaccharides- Polymers of glucose (only glucose molecules stuck together). Energy storage in starch (only in plants) • Glycogen- polymer of glucose in animals • Plants use cellulose in their cell walls, it is a polymer of glucose • Chitin- molecule of glucose, also used as the exoskeleton cell walls • Cellulose is strong structurally, cross linked chains of glucose, using alpha bonds • Lipids do not form polymers but can still be very large • Lipids are hydrophobic, because they are almost all hydrocarbons • 3 types, fats (oils), phospholipids, steroids • Lipids can act as hormones that are used as signals to carry information • They can also store lots of energy, and be used as insulation, and cushion. • Phospholipids? Make up cell walls in most cells...
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